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Everglades Airboat Tour + Wildlife Show

  • Everglades Airboat Tours + Wildlife Show.
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Everglades Tour


Everglades Airboat Tours + Wildlife Show

Enjoy a ride in the famous Everglades Airboat tour

arrow.gif  Transportation from Miami to the Everglades National Park.
arrow.gif  Everglades Park Entrance.
arrow.gif  Narrated air boat rides,wildlife show & explore Exhibits.
arrow.gif  Free hotel pick-ups & drop-offs.


Join us for the Everglades Tours adventures and visit one of the largest wetlands in the world and one of the biggest National Parks in the United States, covering about 2,500 square miles.

Experience the nature of South Florida in one of the main attractions in Miami with our Everglades Airboat Ride & Wildlife Show! You’ll witness all kinds of wildlife such as: Alligators, Turtles, Snakes, Fish, and Exotic Birds, all while taking an airboat ride deep into the Everglades National Park.


Every tour is narrated by professional guides so you’ll learn loads about the unique wetlands and its inhabitants.

Departure Point:
Tour departs from hotels in Miami Beach
with the free pick ups or from one of our terminals:
235 9th Street (9 street store)
1657 Washington Ave (Main Departure Location)

Departure Time:
From hotels in Miami Beach: 8:50am - 9:45am
Exact pickup time will be advised upon reconfirmation

Hotel pickups commence prior to this time, you must contact
the local service provider to verify your exact pickup time.

Return details:
Returns to original departure point



Fun things to do at the Everglades

I would have never have thought that taking in Everglades tours would be such a fun thing to do. When my husband had told me that he had signed us up to take an Everglades boat tour during our last vacation to Miami Beach, Florida, I told him that I did not really care to do that. It was not something that sounded like it would interest me in the least.

When I travel to southern Florida I am strictly thinking of laying out on the beach and enjoying the weather during the day. Then during the night time I am strictly thinking about going to nice restaurants (and lounges afterwards) and enjoying the nightlife. The last thing on my mind is an Everglades tour where I am forced to endure the hot Florida sun and not be able to swim in the water because it is filled with alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and who knows what else. My husband and I have been vacationing in Miami Beach for years. We had even been vacationing there with our families since before we had met each other.

The Everglades airboat tours is not something I had ever thought I would do at all. My husband however did have a point that most of the times when we are vacationing I get to call all the shots and choose all of the tours and activities that we participate in. So he told me this was something he was very interested in doing and I wanted to be gracious and supportive by doing something with him that he finds interesting.

So I told him as long as he arranged everything that I would be more than happy to go on and Everglades airboat tour with him. He actually found a great website that catered to doing tours and activities for half price and guaranteed the lowest fees that you could find. I can assure you I will be booking all my tours and activities through this website from now on because their customer support is unparalleled. So he found an excellent tour company to take us to the Everglades boats. We chose to take an early morning tour in which the bus would pick us up right in front of our hotel.

This sounded like a great time to take an Everglades tour to me because it would be a lot cooler in the morning. We took our vacation in the middle of February so the temperatures weren't that unbearable anyway. We stayed at one of my favorite hotels right on Ocean Drive and just like advertised the tour bus picked us up very punctually in front of our hotel lobby.

This was a narrated Everglades tour and the bus driver was our guide. This was great because the driver had a great personality and also was very knowledgeable about the Everglades and made the Drive to the park very interesting. Prior to the tour, it had never crossed my mind even once that I was about to see a true ecological wonder.

The park itself was magnificent and taking the Everglades airboat ride was a thrilling adventure in its own right. After my husband and I had done the tour I told him that I had regretted not ever taking the Everglades tour before. I am going to tell all my friends and family to try this tour the next time they vacation in Southern Florida and I even hope to take the tour again someday!


The world of the 21st century is developing at a rapid pace. The forested areas covering the earth are shrinking at an express and alarming pace and more and more poachers should be executed for what they are doing to the animal kingdom (many of them paid by the Chinese and other wealthy Far East Asians). The habitats of wild animals are being engulfed by developmental activities throughout the world. It is very rare to find places where tourists can check out the animals roaming in the wild. Most tourists tend to have an experience of the wildlife at the zoos and this is as far as it gets.

Animals in their Natural Habitat

However, the Florida Everglades is an exception to this rule. Tourists can travel from Miami to Everglades to enjoy one of the most rustic and wild experiences of their life. It may be noted that the Everglades is also facing threat of drainage and development. But there are many who want to preserve and protect this last remaining wetland of North America. A section of the Florida Everglades comprises of the Everglades National Park. It is a protected part of the swamp and recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Blowing Across the Water Surface on a Fan Boat

Tourists can take Miami Everglades tours of these wetlands. You can visit the Everglades National Park and indulge in several excursions of nature such as boating, camping, hiking, and so on. There are many vendors within and outside the park, which provide Everglades tours Miami. One of the highlights of such a tour is the ride across the river of grass on an Everglades airboat. The trip on the fan boat is quite thrilling. Also, this alligator tour of the wetlands will allow you to observe the wild animals in their natural habitat.

v  The tour: There are many vendors who offer airboat tours of the Florida Everglades. You may go for a company that best serves your interests and needs. Tourists may also take the Everglades shuttle and come to the Everglades National Park to experience one of the best adventures. It may be noted that private airboat tours of the Everglades are a better option as compared to the gimmicky and overcrowded group tours. You have the option to customize such trips and also program the schedules. The visitors can also avail of pickup and drop facilities from the hotel. Additionally, the experienced and friendly captains of these boats will be able to pay individual attention to the passengers on a private tour. It is a more intimate affair. Since it is a comparatively leisurely tour, the crew members will be more relaxed.

  • o   The guides on these boats are also familiar with every corner of the wetlands. Some of them even share a special connection with the wild animals. They often call out the alligators or Purple Gallinule birds, and they promptly answer the call. Such up close encounters with wildlife can be exciting, worrisome, and memorable. During the ride, patrons will not only get to check out the alligators, but also come across different animals like raccoons, panthers, and the incredible list continues. It is thus a complete wilderness adventure. The boats will also stop at certain tree covered islands called hammocks. These sub-ecosystems are unique to the Everglades, and home to a variety of flora and fauna.

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